Cody Cummings : 120 Clips

Cumpleaños: 13 Mayo 1979♉ Tauro
Profesión:Porn Star
Pais:Riverside, California USA
Raza:Caucasian - American
Color de los Ojos:Brown
Color de Pelo:Brown
Pene: 20 cm Circuncidado
Vello Corporal:Smooth
Tatuajes:Right deltoid; Right biceps; Left biceps; Neck
Rol Sexual:Dominante
Adicional:Cody Cummings has become a big star on the Internet thanks to his own website - and it helps that he's as handsome as hell, fit as fuck and has a beautiful cut cock. Cody stands about 5ft 9ins tall, was born under the sign of Taurus and enjoys having sex with men and women - although you'll never see him being fucked by a guy! He enjoys dancing, working out, boxing, wrestling, football and food.